When diagnosed with cancer, Rosie the rabbit faces some big emotions like shock, anger and sadness. Rosie also discovers what really matters to her, and the things that help make it a little easier. She hopes her story can help you too!

This won't make you stronger.
Or braver.
Or true.
But every experience,
Will make you more you.

Rosie's Story

One day while lying in bed after a round of chemo, Rosie the rabbit began writing this story. She didn't have much energy for hopping around which made her feel quite sad. When she felt really tired and sad about having cancer she would read this story to herself. She would read it in the waiting room of her hospital, in bed at night when she was worrying and when she couldn't go out and play. Whenever she would read her story she noticed she felt a little better. It helped her remember that she was still Rosie and that the cancer although a big thing was not all of who she was.It helped remind her of the other parts of herself she liked that were still there. She still made funny jokes, she was still a caring friend and most importantly she still had her big imagination. Although she was scared she decided to show her story to her friends and family. She found it helped them talk about some of the things she was feeling. Through sharing her story she began to feel less alone. Rosie hopes her book will make it a little easier for you to talk about things like cancer with your family and friends.